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White guy says stuff, angers black guy, guilty white people agree

September 30, 2009 Leave a comment


If you haven’t read this story you should check it out. It’s about the Speaker of the UWM Student Senate who wrote a blog four years ago with some stuff that’s making black people angry and making white people pretend to be angry. The choice quote that probably did it is here:

“If mainstream black anglo-hating racists can’t find a way to function in normal society and use the intelligence that God gave them, perhaps they ask to be held down and discriminated against, and placed back into slavery.”

Now before I go into what I think of what the guy actually wrote, I just want to point out some things. The first is how funny the TMJ story is. Notice that every person in the story has the same politically correct response they are required to have in accordance with our norms.

White guy = Backpedal and hide real feelings for fear of being labeled a racist, basically apologize for opinion for no reason at all.

Black guy = Must condemn white guy and call for his resignation.

White reporter = Be skeptical as to not buy “racist” white guy’s story, even though it drenches him in bias, so that he doesn’t come across to the viewers/readers as racist himself. In other words, slant the story in favor of the black student so it doesn’t appear as though he’s supporting the white “racist.”

University = Issue statement that contains words but means nothing.

Now, the reason this thing blew up at all is because the guy used the word “slavery” and wrote the phrase about placing black people “back into slavery.” Of course, this made everyone flip shit and ignore the context of the statement, which is a popular thing to do when the words “black” or “slave” are used by a white person.

If you are a person who thinks, it’s obvious what this guy meant. I’m not all about things being given to us by “God,” but he was simply saying if people, in this case black people, aren’t going to use the freedom and opportunity they’ve historically worked so hard to gain, then they might as well revert to when they didn’t have those opportunities. If they’re going to squander opportunity, then they might as well be slaves. He wasn’t saying we should round up all blacks and enslave them.

Moreover, what he’s saying is accurate. Blacks in this country commit a higher percentage of crimes. More of them go to prison, fewer blacks go to college – it’s pretty fair to say, in his words, “a majority of African Americans that are very blatantly out in the public eye at least try to portray a persona that they don’t have a good work ethic.” After that quote, the story reads as follows:

“However, Duerstein later changed his answer about his feelings regarding work ethic.

KYLE DUERSTEIN: “I don’t think it’s got anything to do with race.”

That’s not changing his feelings. It doesn’t have anything to do with race. It’s completely about socioeconomics. The guy never said they have a poor work ethic because they’re black. He only said a majority of blacks appeared to have a poor work ethic. If I see four black guys on the street eating chocolate, I can say I saw four black guys eating chocolate without inferring they’re eating chocolate because they’re black.

It comes back to their environment. Most of the blacks in this country live in environments that aren’t conducive to education and setting goals beyond buying nice rims for a car you can’t afford. An incredibly disturbing 70 percent of black children today are raised by single mothers. Place a white kid in the exact same environment, send him to the exact same schools, and you will get the same mentality.

But we continue to dance around this reality and pretend it isn’t the case; instead we’re politically correct and pretend everyone is the same and everyone can achieve the same things. And we use things like affirmative action and welfare to level the playing field – initiatives that seek to solve problems by practicing the same ills that cause them.